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What causes dripping faucets

What Causes Dripping Faucets?

Do you have faucets in your house that constantly drip? Whether it’s a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, tub faucet, or shower head, dripping faucets can cause higher water bills, among other problems. It’s important to understand what causes dripping faucets so that we can fix the underlying problem. What causes dripping faucets? Leaky or dripping […]

des moines plumbers for apartments & multi-family units

Plumbers for Mutli-Family Dwellings

There’s an ever-increasing demand to live close to the city without paying high premiums for a mortgage. Muti-family units like townhomes and apartments allow recent grads, and even families to live the city lifestyle they love. As the demand for multi-family housing grows, property managers and building owners might be looking for ways to make […]

What do Bathroom Remodels Cost?

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom but don’t know what costs are involved? We’ll walk you through some of the largest chunks of cash you’ll have to front for your project, as well as some hidden costs that could be uncovered during the process. While remodels are surely a big investment, not all bathroom remodels have […]

walk in shower installation

Why Are Walk-In Showers So Popular?

  Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Consider a walk-in shower! Our walk-in showers are a popular choice among our clients because they are sleek, easy to keep clean, and provide a safer way to enter and exit the shower than a tub-shower combination. Walk-In Showers Gaining Popularity It used to be that walk-in showers were […]

walk-in tub installation in Des Moines

Walk-In Tub Installer in Des Moines

Are you in the Des Moines area and looking to have a walk-in tub installed? The team at Royal Plumbing has the equipment and knowledge to install a walk-in tub in your home or commercial setting. Our walk-in tubs provide the user with independence and mobility. You can have the peace of mind that you […]

National Bath Safety Month

National Bath Safety Month

January is National Bath Safety Month. Some of us take baths without even thinking about it, but we should take precautions to keep ourselves safe. Slippery and hard surfaces are not a good combination! However, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of being hurt while relaxing in the tub. Why is […]

walk in shower

Do Bathrooms Increase Home Value? Yes!

When Iowa home buyers are looking for their first or next home, majority of them want multiple functional bathrooms. Royal Plumbing can make that desire a reality! Our experts can build new or remodel existing bathrooms which helps increase home value. Adding a full bath can increase home value by 20% According to the National […]

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Pella

Looking update your bathroom? Maybe you want a walk-in shower or a walk-in tub, or updated sinks. Or maybe you just want a completely updated space that is more modern or stylized. No matter what you are looking for, we can help with bathroom remodeling services! We service Pella and the surrounding area. We can […]

radon mitigation des moines

Why You May Need Radon Mitigation in Des Moines

As a homeowner, business owner, or property owner, you need to know about and understand the ins and outs of radon gas. Radon gas is a byproduct of the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil. It is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, so it is nearly undetectable. Because it is a byproduct of uranium, it […]

walk in shower installation

Walk-in Shower Installation: What You Need to Know

So you are considering a walk-in shower. What are the benefits? What is a walk-in shower installation like? And what does it cost? These are likely a few questions that you have on your mind. We have the answers for you! It can be a little daunting when you are looking into making any changes […]

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