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What Causes Dripping Faucets?

Do you have faucets in your house that constantly drip? Whether it’s a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, tub faucet, or shower head, dripping faucets can cause higher water bills, among other problems. It’s important to understand what causes dripping faucets so that we can fix the underlying problem.

What causes dripping faucets? Leaky or dripping faucets are widely common, and happen for a variety of reasons. But whatever the cause of the issue, this plumbing problem should be addressed, ideally as soon as you notice it. A leaky faucet can cause higher water bills, as well as water damages if leaks aren’t addressed. In some cases, a dripping faucet may be an indicator to other ongoing plumbing problems.

What causes dripping faucets

What Causes Dripping Faucets:

Problem with the O Ring

A stem screw is a small screw with a small disk attached to it, known as the O Ring. Stem screws are used to hold the handle of a faucet in place. Over time, the O Ring can become loose and wear with use, which causes the faucet to drip around the handle.

Valve Seat is Corroded

A valve seat is the connection between the faucet and the spout in the connection mechanism. Water sediments can cause the valve seat to corrode, causing a leak in your faucet. To help reduce the chances or corrosion, clean the valve seat frequently.

Washer is Worn Out

This is usually the most common issue that causes a dripping faucet. Every time the faucet is turned on, the washer is forced against the valve seat. This constant friction between the washer and the valve seat causes the washer to wear out. This is most likely the issue if your faucet is dripping around the spout.

Loose or Broken Parts

Another common problem we see with leaky faucets is loose or broken parts. Oftentimes, a good tightening or replacement of parts will do the trick. However, if pipes beneath your sink are leaking, we may be looking at a different problem.

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