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What do Bathroom Remodels Cost?

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom but don’t know what costs are involved? We’ll walk you through some of the largest chunks of cash you’ll have to front for your project, as well as some hidden costs that could be uncovered during the process. While remodels are surely a big investment, not all bathroom remodels have to cost a fortune.

costs associated with bathroom remodels

Big Investments to Be Aware of:

Reconfiguring your Layout

If you’re planning on reconfiguring the layout of your bathroom, expect to be looking at a bigger investment. Taking down walls, moving plumbing, and moving electrical will all take place, should you choose to reconfigure your bathroom. In addition, any hidden “DIY’s gone wrong” or items that don’t meet code requirements for your area will need to be fixed and brought up to code.

Product Choices

The cost of your product choices will make a huge difference in your final investment as well. For instance, if you choose natural stone countertops over cultured marble countertops for your vanity, you will likely be looking at a good couple hundred dollar difference. If you decide to go with natural stone, you will have the cost of the countertop and a sink. Whereas with cultured marble, the countertop and sink are a single, seamless piece.

Unforeseeable Repairs

While it’s never fun to uncover mold, mildew, asbestos, or other hidden items, it is rather common to uncover something unexpected during a bathroom renovation. If not properly ventilated, moisture can get trapped, creating a breeding ground for fungi like mold. If unforeseen hazards are uncovered, they will need to be taken care of prior to moving forward with the project.

Bathroom remodels vary in cost due to size, project scope, product selections, and other factors mentioned in this article. In order to to give you an accurate estimate of what costs you’ll be looking at for your project, contact us! We’d be happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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